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Heaven-Ali's Book Journal

the ups and downs of a brummie bookcrosser,book addict and reviewer

13 May 1968
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I'm a socialable loner - if that's possible, and I supose I think it is. I love meeting up with people, and can chat to friends old and new for hours. But I love my own company, I enjoy living alone, and have for years. I enjoy doing things by myself, and don't mind going to the theate or the cinema alone - but am quite happy to go with a friend sometimes. I appreciate a quite room, something mellow on the stereo, and a good book. I have always loved reading and books, I'd be lost without them.

The music I'm listening to these days varies a bit, but I love:
Nina Simone, Diana Krall, Lizz Wright, David Gray, Damian Rice, Nanci Griffith, Oscar Peterson, Mary Gauthier, Norah Jones, Curtis Stigers, K D Lang, coldplay, Madeline Peyroux, Jamie Cullum and Richard Hawley

I am a massive Radio 2 fan - well the night time stuff anyway - not too keen on the day time stuff.